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Moonshadow Goods

Adriana is a Textile Designer and Natural Dyer who is committed to minimizing waste. She transforms fabric scraps into one-of-a-kind quilt pieces that are both beautiful and lasting.

She only uses seasonal natural dyestuff like, plant matter, botanicals, natural extracts, and foraged materials in her work. All fabrics are organic and sourced sustainably. She loves the natural dye process because it allows her to slow down and reconnect with nature.

Exhibitions & Showcases

September 2018 — Vogue Magazine + Ace & Jig

2017 - 2018 — Jungmaven

April 2017 — Nike Design Channel

Spring 2017 — Loam Magazine

August 2016 — Issue, Sunset Magazine

2015 - 2016 — Museum of Contemporary Craft (Portland, Ore.)

November 2015 — Content (Ace Hotel, Portland, Ore.)

2015 — Woonwinkel (Portland, Ore.)

2015 — Loam Magazine